Stud Welding Collets

Stud Welding Collets

Check Stud Welding Chucks Specifications For CD

Stud Welding Collets Specifications


  • M3 to M100
  • 1/8" to 4"


  • Arc & CD


  • Welding Studs

Use Multi-Time?

  • Yes

What Is Collets?

  • Welding Accessories

Common Collet

  • "B" Collets
  • "N" Collets


  • Copper Alloy


  • Wear Resistance


  • 40 mm upto 300 mm

Surface Finishing

  • Copper


  • 50-60HZ


  • Stud Welding Gun Spare


  • 55°C

"B" Collets For

  • CD Stud Welding Equipment

Output Current

  • 100-200 (A), 200-300 (A)


  • 60 HRC

"B" Welding Collets Manufacturer in India, View Copper Stud Welding Collets Price List

C.D Stud Welding Collets Price List

Size Img Price in US Dollar
"B" Collets B Collets US $8.50
Insulation "B" Hybrid Collet Insulation B Hybrid Collet US $11.20
"B" Collet With Adjustable Stop B Collet With Adjustable Stop US $15.29
Nelson Style Collet Nelson Style Collet US $13.50
Burco Collets Burco Collets US $43.00
B Collet Keyhole B Collet Keyhole US $37.00

How To Choosing the Right Stud Welding Collets Manufacturer?

  • Solid Reputation and Skills
  • Wide Product range
  • Customization
  • ISO Certifications
  • Research and Development
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Feedback
  • Corporate Responsibility

Reliable Supplier Of Tapered Base Stud Welding Collet Offers All Testing, Length and Common Types of Stud Welding Collet Chuck

Common Types of Stud Welding Collets

Shielded Collets

Shielded Collets

Gas-Enhanced Collets

Gas-Enhanced Collets

Ceramic Ferrule Collets

Ceramic Ferrule Collets

O-Ring Stud Welding Collet

O-Ring Stud Welding Collet

Capacitor Discharge B-Collets

Capacitor Discharge B-Collets

CD Welding Chucks

CD Welding Chucks

Check Importance of O-Ring Stud Welding Collet, and Working Temperature Of Stud Welder Chucks

Importance Of Stud Welder Collets

  • Prevention of Pollution
  • Low Heat-Affected Zone
  • Heat Dissipation and Control
  • Safe Stud Holding
  • Exact Alignment

Working Temperature Of CD Welding Chucks

  • 55 Degree Celsius

View Maintenance Criteria of CD Welding Chucks, and Applications Of Capacitor Discharge B-Collets

Maintenance Of Tapered Base Stud Welding Collet

  • Replacement of Worn Parts
  • Proper Storage
  • Avoid Excessive Lubrication
  • Cleanliness Is Paramount
  • Regular Visual Inspection
  • Operator Awareness

Applications Of Capacitor Discharge B-Collets

  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electrical Industry

Factors Affecting Of Stud Welding Collet Chuck

  • Welding voltage
  • Material Compatibility
  • Welding Method
  • Welding Environment
  • Stud Length
  • Stud Diameter

Advantages of Stud Welding Collet

  • Ensures Standardization
  • User Friendly
  • Ensures Greater Productivity
  • Reduces Labor Cost
  • Ensures Better Return On Investment

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