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Cupro Nickel countersunk slotted screw, Cu-Ni Machine screw, Copper Nickel allen cap screw, Silicon Bronze Square bolts Manufacturer & Stockist In Mumbai, India

Cupro Nickel Bolts Manufacturer

Rajtilak Metal Is An ISO: 9001, 14001 & OHSAS: 18001 Certified Company. We Are industry leader in offering what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive Cupro Nickel Bolts range and stock in all sizes of Bolts. Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of high durable and strong Cupro Nickel Hex Bolts,. We are proactive organization Specialist in Cupro Nickel Bolts and Other Quality Products that meet and exceed customers specific requirements and thus ensure complete satisfaction. We are capable of providing a vast range of materials like Cupro Nickel Round Head Bolts, Cupro-nickel Machine Screws & Cupro-nickel Round Head Bolts from stock, to suit your needs. We have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Stockists & Suppliers of, Cupro Nickel Hex Cap Screw, Cupro Nickel Machine Screws, Cupro Nickel Hex Bolts, Cupro Nickel Heavy Hex Bolts, Cupro Nickel Socket Cap Screws and Other range of Bolts.

We are traders Of Cupro Nickel Bolts In India. We also manufacture and supply other type of grades such as Cupro Nickel Allen Cap Screws, Cupronickel Square Bolts, Cupro Nickel Bolts and Cupro Nickel Round Head Bolts.

ASTM B151, B152 Copper Nickel hex bolts, Cu-Ni heavy hex bolt, Cupro Nickel hex cap screw, Copper Nickel hex screw, Cupro Nickel socket cap screw Supplier, Distributor & Exporter

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Cupro Nickel Bolts Dimensions

Cupro Nickel Bolt Manufacturer & Supplier In Mumbai

Cupro Nickel Bolt Specifications

Specifications : ASTM

Standard : ASTM B151, B152

Size : M10 to M100

Material: Cupro Nickel

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Other Types Of Cupro Nickel Bolt

Cu-Ni Bolts Cupro Nickel Bolts
Copper Nickel hex bolts ASTM B151, B152 heavy hex bolt Supplier
Cupro Nickel Elevator Bolt Supplier Cu-Ni Lag Bolt
Copper Nickel Stove Bolt Cu-Ni Shoulder Bolt Manufacturer
Cupro Nickel Set Screw Copper Nickel Grub Screw
Cu-Ni Machine screw Cupro Nickel allen cap screw
Copper Nickel Square bolts Exporter Cu-Ni round head bolts Stockist
Cupro Nickel Step Bolt Manufacturer Cu-Ni Hanger Bolt
Copper Nickel Socket Cap Screw Cupro Nickel Carriage Bolt Exporter
Copper Nickel Hex Head Bolt Supplier Cupro Nickel Flange Bolt Distributor
Cu-Ni round head bolts Copper Nickel allen cap screw
ISO Certified Cu-Ni Eye Bolt Cupro Nickel Step Bolt
Copper Nickel countersunk slotted screw Cu-Ni Square bolts
Cupro Nickel hex cap screw Exporter Copper Nickel hex screw
Cu-Ni socket cap screw Copper Nickel countersunk slotted screw Manufacturer
Cupro Nickel Bolt Price in India

  • Cupro Nickel Point Bolts
    US $8.010-0.50 / Piece
  • Cupro Nickel Solid Square Bolts
    US $2.150-0.305 / Piece
  • Cupro Nickel bolts 410 m12
    10.20 /Pieces (Min. Order)
  • Cupro Nickel fastener eye bolt
    US $4.010-1.0 / Piece
  • high quality Cupro Nickel Hex Bolts
    US $3.010-0.030 / Piece

Size Chart For Bolts

weight chart

Cupro Nickel Bolt Applications & Usage:

Some of the major applications of grade Cupro Nickel Bolts include:

  • Bolts for Air Pollution Control- scrubbers for coal-fired power plants
  • Bolts mainly used for Seawater cooling devices
  • Bolts can be use in Wiring in electrostatic precipitators
  • Bolts are used in Oil refinery components
  • Bolts also useful for Gas scrubbing plants
  • Bolts are commonly used by Pulp and paper processing industries
  • Bolts are also suitable for Acetic, phosphoric and sulphuric acid processing plants
  • Bolts available for Oil and Gas Production- offshore process equipment
  • Offshore, sea water technology, chemical industry, good stability against reducing acids of medium strength like sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid and various chloric media, refinery, paper industry, pulp industry