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ASTM A193 Grade B8MLCuN Bolts

ASME SA 193 B8MLCuN Class 1B Hex Bolt, Stud Bolt, Threaded Rod, Nuts and washer manufacturer in India

ASTM A193 Grade B8MLCuN Bolts

Stainless Steel ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Double Ended Studs, Washers, Hex Nuts, Spline Socket Screws, Hex Cap Screws and Lag Screws at factory price in Mumbai

ASTM B193 SS ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners Specifications

Specifications : IS, BS, ASTM

Standard : DIN, ISO, JIS, GB, IS, BS, ASTM

Size : 3 mm to 200 mm

Length :M02 to M33

Material : ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners.

ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners Chemical Composition

Element B8MLCuN
Carbon 0.020 max
Manganese 1.00 Max
Phosphorus, max 0.030 Max
Sulfur, max 0.010 Max
Silicon 0.80 Max
Chromium 19.5-20.5
Nickel 17.5-18.5
Molybdenum 6.0-6.5

ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength/Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS) – (Mpa) 550
Yield Strength/Proof Stress(0.2% Offset) (YS) – (Mpa) 240
Elongation in 4D (El) 30
Reduction 40
Hardness – (BHN) 223

Types Of Stainless Steel ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners

Stainless Steel B8MLCuN Nuts ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Bolts
ASME A193 B8MLCuN Socket Cap Screw ASME A193 Bolts
Stainless Steel B8MLCuN Stud bolt SS ANSI A193 Grade B8MLCuN Head Bolts
ASTM A193 Coupler Nuts B8MLCuN spring washer
ASME A193 Grade B8MLCuN Threaded rod ANSI A193 Grade B8MLCuN Countersunk Slotted Screw
ASME A193 Double Ended Stud Grade B8MLCuN Tie Bar
ANSI A193 B8MLCuN Square Bolts Grade B8MLCuN Punched Washer
ASME A193 Grade B8MLCuN Lock Nut B8MLCuN Coupler Nuts
ANSI A193 B8MLCuN Washers B8MLCuN Stud Bolt
UNS S31254 Stud Bolts SS DIN 1.4547 Fasteners
ISO Certified B8MLCuN Fasteners ASME A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners
B8MLCuN Stainless Steel Bolts ASME A193 B8MLCuN Stud Bolt
Grade B8MLCuN Double Ended Stud ASME A193 Grade B8MLCuN Self Locking Nuts
Stainless Steel ASTM A193 B8MLCuN Fasteners Price in India

  • ASTM A193 Grade B8MLCuN Socket Head Cap Screws
    Price $2.59–$258.50
  • A193 Grade B8MLCuN Class 1B Plow Bolts, Plain, 5/8-11×2, Gr 5, PK25:
    Price $17.65 / pkg. of 25
  • ASME A193 Grade B8MLCuN Hex Bolt, 1/2-13×1 1/2L, PK25:
    Price $11.21 / pkg. of 25
  • SA 193 B8MLCuN U bolts, with 5/16 Thread, Zinc Finish:
    Price $4.71–$7.25
  • ANSI A193 Grade B8MLCuN Hex Nut, SS, Gr SS317, 3/8-16, Plain, PK50:
    Price $24.13 / pkg. of 50
  • ASME SA 193 B8MLCuN Screw, 3/8×2 1/2 In L, PK50:
    Price $21.79 / pkg. of 50
  • ASME A194 Gr. B8MLCuN Washer:
    Price $4.09–$5.97
  • A193 Grade B8MLCuN Hex Lag Bolts, 3/8×2 1/2 In L, PK50
    Price $23.79 /50 Pieces
  • ANSI A193 Grade B8MLCuN Flat Washer
    Price $1.09–$5.97 / Piece