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pipe fittings manufacturer

Pipe Fittings and Flanges manufacturer


Founded in 1991, Rajtilak Metal has been one of the leading Pipe Fittings manufacturers in India. We have been manufacturing a plethora of flanges from butt weld to lap joint and many more. We offer a wide range of flanges to a number of customers worldwide.

Let us first understand what exactly is a flange?

A flanges is a method of connecting 2 or more pipes and tubes together or with other equipment. This helps in forming the piping system that we all see in our day-to-day life. These flanges are either welded or screwed and are made as per American standard pipe fittings. Since they are supplied not only within India but also to our international customers in the Middle East and East Asian countries. These flanges are made up of various metals and alloys depending upon their end use mostly metal pipe flanges are widely used throughout the globe.

pipe flanges manufacturer

Steel Flanges For Sale

The material used to produce the flanged fittings is ideally decided while choosing the pipe suitable for the application. pipe fittings heat numbers and markings are usually the same as that of the pipes. All the flanges and fittings produced by us are as per ASME( American Society for Mechanical Engineering), and ASTM (American Society for testing and material) specifications. These flanges are available in various types such as socket, threaded, slip on, weld neck, and lap joint. The threaded flanges are suitable for low to medium pressure applications. Whereas, the welded fittings are used in high pressure applications. Flanges manufacturers in India supply raised and flat face flanges to terminate a pipe.

The steel flanges and fittings for sale offered by us are usually made up of cast iron, brass, aluminum, and carbon steel to name a few. They can be internally coated or lined with various other materials for different purposes.

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Pipe Fittings Heat Numbers And Markings

Rajtilak Metal is one of the oldest & ISO certified manufacturer of Piping Bend, Coupling, End Cap, Elbow, Stub End, Reducer, Tee, Joint, Olet, Gasket and many other piping accessories. We export EIL and IBR approved steel forging products to oil, gas, water, acid liquid and petrochemical plants. These weld fittings and seamless pipe fittings are manufactured according to ASME B16.9, ANSI B16.11, ASA B16.5, EN or ASTM standard.

We have ready stock of all materials such as stainless, carbon, alloy steel or nickel alloy. We provide EN 10204 3.1 test certificate with all ISO, EN, NPT or BSP fittings. We are also specialize in Custom-made piping connections even larger than 4”. We import prime quality steel material from renowned mills in India, South Korea and Japan.

pipe fittings heat numbers

We Are One of The India’s Largest Seamless And Buttweld Forged Fittings manufacturer Since 1991.

Why Choose Us

Manufacturer of

Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Buttweld Pipe Fittings, Forged and Open Die Forging in India.

Industrial Pipe Fittings

Industrial Fittings for Onshore, Offshore, Wind-Mill Plant, Oil & Gas Industries, Refinery, Petrochemicals and many more.

Wide variety of Butt welding fittings

ANSI / ASME bends, reducers, orbital fittings, T- X- Y- pieces, caps and heads, T- and Y-bends, collars, branch saddles

there are a variety of fittings that can be produced as per the specific requirement of the applications. The environment or medium that they are being used in also contributes to the decision of which material to be used. They are available in various faces such as flat-faced, joint-faced, ring raised face, groove, and tongue face. The steel pipe fittings price list varies as per the material used in them and is available in 2 finishes namely smooth and serrated. Our customer base is spread not only in India but also in Middle eastern like Qatar, Oman, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and East Asian countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Our excellent quality and affordable price have made us one of the renowned fittings produces in India.

Rajtilak Metal is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company 4rd Largest manufacturer of Seamless Tee, Reducer in Stainless And Carbon Steel. Buy piping accessories & components online.
Industrial Flanges

Buy Industrial Flanges At Low Price In Mumbai, India

Few benefits of using flanges include ease of assembly. They can be used in confined spaces where the wrench may not fit in. they can be easily assembled using moderate torque. These Steel Flanges and Fittings eliminate the need for adapters in the pipes and tubes they can fit in areas that are hard to reach. Moreover, they can be used in tubes, large hoses, and pipe fittings that have the presence of shock, high pressure, and vibration that damage the pipe fittings. They also assist in the easy maintenance of long pipes. flanges and pipe fittings reduce the chances of components becoming loose in the rigorous hydraulic application provided there is proper load distribution of clamping around the flanges.

Furthermore, these pipe fitting flanges offer benefits such as providing an efficient sealing effect and are suitable for pressure and temperature fluctuation. They are not easy to deform and are widely used in transporting toxic gases, along with explosive and flammable liquids. Apart from this the steel pipe flange also displays certain disadvantages. For instance, they are large in size and heavy in weight. Certain fittings are expensive depending upon the material that they are made up of.

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We Are EIL And IBR Approved Manufacturer, Exporter, Stockholder, Traders, Dealer, Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier of Industrial Pipe Fittings & Flanges, Forgings And Fasteners In Mumbai, India.

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